Design Sprint

It comes at no surprise that Design Sprint becomes more and more popular among companies of different scale and across domains since the release of Sprint book in 2016. It combines Agile and Design Thinking methodologies into an effective framework for problem-solving. Design Sprint is a perfect starting point if you need to:

  • validate digital product idea
  • create a prototype of your app
  • estimate project’s length and cost
  • prepare Software Requirement Specifications (SRS)
  • and more

At DataMix, we use the most up-to-date, semi-official version of it called Design Sprint 2.0, and combine it with the best practices of software delivery. We also understand that different companies have different needs, and we are ready to adapt accordingly. For you, it means that there’s no blunt, standardized service offers with “what’s included” section. The deliverables are always relevant to what you’re trying to accomplish.

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Development process


User Journey Mapping is an effective way to understand your users through end-to-end analysis of their interaction with your business or product.


Sketching is a very creative and inspirational phase of the Sprint. We're gathering a broad range of ideas from each participant, discussing them, and formulate a Solution Sketch.


In the Decide phase, the final direction of the Design Sprint should be chosen. Since Solution Sketch is a combination of many ideas, voting occurs to select the best of them and focus during the rest of the Sprint.


In software design, Storyboard is a visualization of user experience: screens that make up the UI plus navigation between them. The final result is what we end up prototyping.


In digital product development, a Prototype is a facade of the user experience envisioned during previous steps. Tools like Abstract, Sketch, Invision, or Figma are used to represent the Product to future users.


Moment of truth! The Prototype is shown to a target sample to collect feedback, validate it, or point out gaps if the concept requires additional work.


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