UX/UI Design

The days in which a single full-stack developer could cover everything, including designs, are far away. Every discipline requires deep knowledge and practical experience - UX/UI Design is not an exception. Professional UI development today starts with UX analysis, sketching, prototyping, and gathering user feedback. You should think about organizing your design system before it becomes a real pain for your team, and you need people who are familiar with the most iconic design solutions so that they can quickly understand what you need and propose a solution.

Moreover, proper UX/UI work takes no less time than, for instance, front-end development, since you also DYOR, create your “environment” to store all the designs and work iteratively with your team.

For us, working on designs is a specific type of pleasure. Rest assured - we are as excited to create something fantastic in your product as you are.

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Development process


UX designers perform user research to understand how the end-users of your product think.


During workshops, we discuss various solutions and choose the one that’s the best for your business.


UX designers create wireframes and prototypes which let you feel the flow of your future digital product.


We test out the prototypes to come up with the optimal workflow for every feature of your application.


UI designers prepare mood boards so you can choose the design style for your product.

6UI design

UI designers create final user interfaces and prepare style guides to keep the design consistent in the future.


Our Projects

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