Quality Assurance Services

Our clients often ask us: “Why do I need a quality assurance?” The answer is simple: if you want a top-notch solution, it must be properly tested. The importance of software testing services cannot be overestimated – basically, the success of your application depends on it. You don’t want to suffer reputation losses because of angry comments from unhappy clients, nor waste time on endless technical fixes, do you?

At DataMix, we take QA services and testing solutions very seriously. Every project created by our developers eventually lands in the QA Team. Quality Assurance engineers have two main tasks: ensuring the highest quality of an application and thorough software testing so it doesn’t contain any elements discouraging future users from using it. 

Development process


Our development process is based on agile methodologies like Scrum. With regular project updates, live demos, and the best communication tools, we make sure that you’re up-to-date with everything.


We’re proud of our technology stack. Instead of covering every framework possible, we excel in technologies that are truly battle-tested. Check our stack.


Every software house can provide you with frontend and backend development. But we do more than that! Our independent DevOps unit takes care of server architecture – making it stable, secure, and scalable.

4Quality Assurance

We know that quality assurance is an important part of the development process. This is why, apart from manual tests, we perform automated ones – using our custom testing framework.


Our office is full of brilliant people. Among them are a lot of tech-addicted people who love their job and projects they are working on, not only the money they gain.


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