Mobile Apps Development

Mobile Applications Development

Stay closer to your customers by getting access to their favorite gadgets. Integrate modern technologies into your business to provide clients with advanced mobile app development solutions that help them stay in touch anywhere and anytime.


  1. What we Offer: Available Services
  2. What our Clients Get: Ready Solutions
  3. Stages of Mobile App Development
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Provide your clients with seamless experiences, regardless of gadget OS, power, and version. Customizable mobile solutions are what increase your brand’s reputation and improve clients’ loyalty to your business.

Our company is engaged in a full-cycle production process and is ready to develop solutions for any sphere. Our experienced IT specialists treat each case individually and create high-end products for any business.

What we Offer: Available Services

The modern digital world can’t exist without mobile software. Modern consumers used to have all they needed in their gadgets. Keeping an app at hand all the time increases customer loyalty to a brand and pumps its reputation.

DataMix is a full-fledged company that unites specialists from different IT spheres. We put our effort, knowledge, and skills together to develop advanced solutions for clients’ businesses and ensure the best user experiences. Our mobile app development services include:

  • Custom iOS and Android app development; 
  • Cross-platform and native software; 
  • UX/UI designs; 
  • One customizable hybrid app for different types of OS; 
  • Mobile API; 
  • Progressive software; 
  • Embedded solutions for all sorts of digital devices.

Our expertise is wide enough to cope with a task of any level of complexity. We’ll provide clients with well-running high-tech software, based on their demands and expectations.

What our Clients Get: Ready Solutions

DataMix’s products are seamless software that runs smoothly on all sorts of devices and guarantees a positive user experience. Depending on the set goal and business purpose, our clients get the following application development services:

1. Custom products for iOS and Android

We are ready to develop brand new software for different sorts of platforms. These solutions are guaranteed to work flawlessly, be compatible with all versions of a particular platform, and run without impeding gadget performance.

Taking into account your business segment, you’re ready to create a new app for Android or iOS.

2. Cross-platform software

These are hybrid apps that are designed for running on both iOS and Android gadgets. They have adjustable functionalities and software to fit both platforms. This mobile app development service allows for reducing the cost of software maintenance. Customers get unified solutions for all types of software.

3. UX/UI design products

Our web designers work hard to make ready-made products responsive, user-oriented, and intuitive. This aspect directly affects consumers’ loyalty since they tend to use utilities characterized by clear and easy navigation, convenient tab and menu.

4. Mobile API

Maximize mobile digital performance by integrating business tools into apps. This app development service allows for making processes more convenient, efficient, and accessible.

5. Progressive solutions

Customize your application to run without a network connection or stable functioning even when the connection is weak.

6. Embedded products for all sorts of clever gadgets

Adjust your software for not only smartphones but also watches, TVs, and other clever devices providing users with an omnichannel experience.

Generally, we deal with all sorts of tasks within an IT segment. If your product is not listed, feel free to contact our managers. We’ll consider your demand and offer a suitable application development service.

Stages of Mobile App Development

We lead customers throughout the entire production process. Cooperation starts with individual consultation and lasts until warranty providing for a ready-made product.

Before we get down to product development, communication with our client stands as an obligatory stage, during which we identify the set tasks, find out the client’s demands, expectations, and budget, as well as outline ideation.

A standard pack of mobile app services consists of the following stages:

Stage 1: Field Analysis

Our business analysts enter the game. They analyze the market in a particular sphere, paying attention to competitors, and their strong and weak sides. Upon gap identification in the industry, they create a project tech plan with a precise explanation of the needed tools, pages, and other functionalities.

Stage 2: App Design

Based on the tech plan, web designers develop a draft of a future product. The following aspects are vital at this stage:

  • brand identity creation; 
  • UX research; 
  • UI design.

Designers must create user-friendly interfaces that won’t cause difficulties when using the application.

Stage 3: Backend API development

The next step of mobile application development service involves dealing with API design to guarantee seamless and secure access of all groups of users to the app.

Stage 4: Application Development

This is actually when app development starts. Preceding phases are considered preparatory. At this stage, software engineers develop an app based on the data, obtained during the above-mentioned stages:

  • Client-side architecture is to be defined; 
  • App environment is to be configured and set up; 
  • The required libraries and technologies are to be chosen; 
  • Algorithms are to be developed according to specifications; 
  • The code is to be covered with units.

This mobile development service is a crucial one for the entire product.

Stage 5: Software Testing

Once the app is ready, it is sent to testing. We always make sure that it is bug-free and runs flawlessly. Our employees test software for security, customization, functionality, performance, loading, and localization.

Stage 6: Release

When testing is successfully complete, we release the product to the client. Once we get his approval, we release the app to the App Store or the Play Market and perform all the accompanying tasks.

Stage 7: Maintenance

Our cooperation with the client does not immediately end after release. The last step of mobile application development services is giving a warranty and providing maintenance. We keep an eye on our product and make constant updates to improve it.

About DataMix

DataMix is a modern IT company. Our team comprises experienced software engineers, managers, testers, web designers, analysts, and other IT specialists who are dedicated to their work and do their best to develop high-tech projects for any business from any sphere of activity.

Our Benefits

Cooperation with DataMix is beneficial due to the next perks:

  • High quality. We guarantee that our app development services are high-quality. Specialists test all projects and minimize bugs. 
  • Cost efficiency. The quality of our products fully corresponds to the product cost. We are ready to create advanced solutions for any budget. But be sure that your funds will be allocated effectively. Our projects pay off themselves. 
  • Wide geo. We deal with a wide range of tasks from different fields. We have implemented projects for banks, construction companies, health&care agencies, sales enterprises, etc. The list of our clients embraces different spheres. 
  • High expertise. Our employees have been engaged in many large projects. They have lots of skills in mobile development services and know how to use tech tools to make technologies work for you. 
  • Turnkey solutions. The participation of our clients in the workflow is minimized. Our specialists take all the hustles on their shoulders. Clients only agree upon the final product.

DataMix is a modern IT agency, where skilled employees develop turnkey high-tech products. Wise management allows for allocating all duties effectively, which results in achieving a quick pace in software development. Each unit is engaged in particular tasks and performs without lagging. Taking our effort and knowledge together, we provide our clients with modern user-oriented solutions for any kind of business. Our mobile application services are competitive with such industry giants, as ScienceSoft and others. So, entrust your ideas to our experienced team and enjoy a high-quality result.

Development process


Our development process is based on agile methodologies like Scrum. With regular project updates, live demos, and the best communication tools, we make sure that you’re up-to-date with everything.


We’re proud of our technology stack. Instead of covering every framework possible, we excel in technologies that are truly battle-tested. Check our stack.


Every software house can provide you with frontend and backend development. But we do more than that! Our independent DevOps unit takes care of server architecture – making it stable, secure, and scalable.

4Quality Assurance

We know that quality assurance is an important part of the development process. This is why, apart from manual tests, we perform automated ones – using our custom testing framework.


Our office is full of brilliant people. Among them are a lot of tech-addicted people who love their job and projects they are working on, not only the money they gain.


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