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If a company wants to succeed in the IT sphere, time-to-market and fast-paced development are two key concepts that determine success in this direction. Experienced DevOps agencies help accelerate workloads, minimize costs, and speed up the management process. This method is an advanced concept in business development and promotion. Contact us to bring your business to a higher level and increase customer loyalty.


1. The Concept of DevOps 2. DevOps Practices 3. DevOps Tools 4. About DataMix 5. Benefits of our DevOps Solutions 6. Our Portfolio of DevOps Solutions

Convenience in operations and secure cloud data storage are principal factors for businesses, which draw consumers and determine their loyalty. Proper implementation of Dev Ops services ensures a faster path to the market, better communication with clients, and wider coverage for businesses.

The Concept of DevOps

To begin with, let’s find out DevOps meaning. DevOps (development and operations) is a term that combines a set of measures, tools, and concepts to improve a company’s ability to design apps and services at high speed. When applying DevOps solutions to the workflow, product optimization and development occur faster than when using traditional tools for software creation and infrastructure management.

DevOps Components

Dev Ops helps build clear and effective chains between your business and consumers. The method uses a two-direction formula that has two main components – a delivery pipeline and a feedback loop.

The pipeline is active when the task of the company is to reach consumers. Here, they distinguish between the build, test, and release steps.

The loop acts in the opposite direction when managers assess customer reactions. They monitor their satisfaction and feedback and plan further improvements.

DevOps Practices

Now, let’s analyze how DevOps as a service works. Basically, there are two groups, one of which is engaged in product development, while another team is concentrated on the operation phase. However, in most cases, these groups are combined and work as a single unit.

You can also find the “DevSecOps” term, which means high dedication to security principles during work. When security is the priority for employees, they stick to using this approach.

Working teams are educated to use special high-tech tools that allow users to achieve better performance and automate diverse IT processes. For example, software engineers used to set some processes manually, which took a lot of time and effort. Nowadays, it is possible to configure such apps without software disabling. Special tools allow specialists to improve work quickly and uninterruptedly without the involvement of additional teams.

DevOps Tools

Now, let’s list the main DevOps tools that IT employees widely use in their workflows:

  • Uninterruptible integration is a practice that allows making constant changes and improvements to a program code. Testing and assembly are carried out automatically. This tool allows for identifying errors quicker, improving software quality, and minimizing the time spent on testing and integrating updates. 
  • Uninterruptible delivery is a method of software development, which implies automatic testing, assembly, and release of software after each change to the program code. If the tool is handled correctly, developers always have a ready-made product for release. 
  • Micro-services are a set of multiple services taken together to work as a single unit. Each service is responsible for carrying out certain tasks; services can interact and communicate with each other via special chains and share data. 
  • Infrastructure as a code. This tool allows for managing infrastructure through the code. Cloud solutions based on API help developers influence infrastructure through digital means instead of configuring them manually. 
  • Log control. DevOps services integration allows for monitoring and assessing the efficiency and result of infrastructure implementation. System administrators study metrics to find out the influence of a product on end consumers. By making the analysis of user experience, developers can adjust applications and platforms to make them more user-friendly and intuitive. 
  • Data exchange and co-working. Software development processes require the involvement of many employees and departments. Process automation and high-tech solution integration contribute to easier and quicker data exchange. DevOps tools help unite databases and create a friendly and convenient atmosphere for co-working.

About DataMix

DataMix is a modern agency that offers a wide range of services in the IT field. Our team is a united group of skilled specialists who keep up with the times and integrate innovative technologies into clients’ projects. Our priority is to help medium and large enterprises to achieve maximum efficiency due to the implementation of DevOps solutions. We assist in this task and build automation tools for all sorts of businesses.

We’ll find the shortest and the most effective strategy for your business to achieve the target audience and get a market segment.

Benefits of our DevOps Solutions

The most evident advantages of turning to our DevOps consultant are the following:

  • A wide geo of fields for cooperation. Our team caters to clients from different market segments. Our clients are banks, health&care establishments, stores, enterprises, etc. We offer worthy solutions to any business. 
  • Individual approach. We invite a client to an individual consultation to find out expectations and better understand what he wants to get. We develop projects based on his demands. 
  • Cost-effectiveness. The price for our services is not overestimated. We have a reasonable price list and provide clients with high-quality services that fully correspond to their costs. 
  • High expertise. Our employees are dedicated experienced specialists in their fields. They regularly upgrade their knowledge, attend training, and study up-to-date articles to keep up with the latest trends in the IT world. Thus, we guarantee top services in any IT question. 
  • Diverse projects. We are ready to develop, upgrade, or support any project. Our clients address us to create mobile apps, design web platforms, ensure software security, etc. We deal with a wide range of tasks.

DataMix is a trusted guide in the IT world, which will offer innovative solutions for any case.

Our Portfolio of DevOps Solutions

Get a DevOps consultation from our specialists, and they will offer a working solution for your case. Our portfolio includes the following services:

  • Infrastructure management. We create interactions between your physical hardware and “brains”. We tie on-premise offline facilities with online cloud technologies to ensure their smooth and coordinated operation. 
  • Operational management. Our employees know how to monitor, design, and oversee cloud performance. 
  • Capacity management. Specialists are skilled to configure processes in compliance with the set goals. We’ll pick proper cloud resources and guarantee that their capacity is right and enough for your business goals and powers. 
  • Availability management. Developers use event-driven management architecture to conduct robust monitoring. 
  • Release management. Make successful profitable releases, monitor consumers’ reactions to your products, and make projects even more perfect. You can entrust this task to us. We use effective practices to monitor and analyze product success and profitability on the market. 
  • Security management. We improve the level of security of apps and platforms by applying innovative tech codes. Security audits and inspections will help keep products reliable, which increases consumers’ loyalty. 
  • 24/7 support. We provide 24/7 assistance to our DevOps platforms around the clock to guarantee the smooth running of infrastructures, effective workloads, and prompt operation processing.

Now you know what DevOps is. This practice allows for simplifying and speeding up the workflow due to the implementation of innovative tech tools. As a result, employees get convenient tools for their businesses.

DataMix is an expert in the sphere of DevOps consulting service. We are ready to use advanced tools to pump your products or develop new platforms using innovative technologies. Skilled employees unite their skills to design unique projects that will attract customers. Our solutions are guaranteed to run seamlessly. And DevOps tools help handle our apps and platforms more conveniently. Our creative employees know how to design your projects and be ready to cater to your business to increase your profitability and success.

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Our development process is based on agile methodologies like Scrum. With regular project updates, live demos, and the best communication tools, we make sure that you’re up-to-date with everything.


We’re proud of our technology stack. Instead of covering every framework possible, we excel in technologies that are truly battle-tested. Check our stack.


Every software house can provide you with frontend and backend development. But we do more than that! Our independent DevOps unit takes care of server architecture – making it stable, secure, and scalable.

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We know that quality assurance is an important part of the development process. This is why, apart from manual tests, we perform automated ones – using our custom testing framework.


Our office is full of brilliant people. Among them are a lot of tech-addicted people who love their job and projects they are working on, not only the money they gain.


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