Join our Founders Club – a global community for CEOs, investors and founders of digital products


DataMix is launching Founders Club – a global community for founders, CEOs and investors of digital products to network and connect, share their experiences and overcome any challenges they may face.             

The idea for Founders Club has been bubbling away in the back of our minds for a while – after years of working with founders, CEOs and investors of digital products, we recognise that the same challenges and issues arise, regardless of what industry you’re working in.            

On top of this, through creating our own startups (for example - Canary Consulting), our team built up a wealth of first-hand knowledge and experience when it comes to digital product development. By combining this experience with our technical abilities, we believe we’re the perfect team to create a platform that puts everything you need as a CEO, founder or investor under one roof.            

A place where all your questions can be answered, where you can network with like-minded people, search for mentorship, find investment and be notified about job openings.             

Recently, we did a Design Sprint with the amazing DataMix team,” explains William Carbone, Co-Founder and CEO of The Adjacent Possible.    

Since we’ve been in the finals of the EUSPA (European Union Agency for the Space Programme, backed by ESA - authors remark) Startup Competition, we had a pretty tight deadline. DataMix team did their part, but financial planning became a stumbling block, just as a lack of personal connection with key people in the space context. We could not win the finals or have more serious talks with investors without an ample business plan or further endorsement by known people in the network. Companies are made of people, and when you want to enter into a business ecosystem, you have to remember this is a community of passionate and committed people that need to have the time to know you before they can help you.”            

I thought: ‘If only a community like Founders Club existed’, this problem could potentially be solved in days,” remembers Ross Shevchenko, DataMix’ Managing Partner who came up with the concept of Founders Club.    


What makes Founders Club different? 

Now, we understand there are so many communities out there – both online and offline – for CEOs and entrepreneurs.             
But, we’re keen to make sure Founders Club is not ‘just another group’ that clogs up your social media feeds or ‘dies’ and becomes inactive after failing to deliver real value for its community.            

This is why we’re launching Founders Club with SMART foundations: 

  • We’re Specific in our goal: We want to create a platform where you can request assistance with your challenges, 
  • We will Measure the community’s success by tracking the growth of the community as well as the how many problems we’ve solved.  
  • We will make sure our goals are Achievable - we’re confident that we have the technology, resources, and passion for creating this community. 
  • We’re Realistic and know it won’t be easy. There will be challenges that we have to overcome to make this a success. 
  • We’ve set ourselves a Time-related goal of getting started by August.        

In short, we’ll strive to make every one of our members successful. If a question or problem cannot be answered, we take the reins and try to help you overcome your challenge, whether it’s pairing you with mentors and consultants, searching for investors and partners or setting up events for pitching opportunities and networking.   

So, how do you get involved?  

Membership of Founders Club is free and we’re currently looking for early birds to join our waitlist so that we can launch with a diverse range of members.  

Apply to join Founders Club for free here